Meaningful experiences since 2005.

Good experience

I had a great time in Costa Rica. The people and the way of living made it easy for me to feel at ease and I soon started to get closer to the culture and to other people – natives and other volunteers. I made a lot of new friends and discovered the kindness of so many people. The work as such gave me the feeling to be needed in some way, but also to find myself in working with and talking to people, so different in many ways.

I was lucky to be in contact with such nice, helpful and lovely persons and I had the chance to learn to speak and to communicate in my own way (in another language).

All in all I can say that i don’t regret having made this decision to go to Costa Rica and to work with and for INLEX.

I am grateful to all the people who made my stay there as comfortable as I could imagine. The people who were/are in charge of the Costa Rican program were so kind, nice, helpful and became true friends.