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My experience in Nicaragua

I have been working as a volunteer in Granada, Nicaragua, in a project called Carita Feliz. It’s not or school, more like a huge learning center with different classes. The children come to do their homework there and the teachers are helping or giving them new exercises to practice. Also there is a teacher for English classes and computer classes. So the children have the opportunity to learn a lot apart of their normal school.

The teachers have been working with such a passion and I got part of it really quickly. I liked that. Also that the children came sometimes just to hug you and on my last day a lot of them just told me, that I shouldn’t leave. Carita Feliz is located in a “barrio”, which means a more or less poor area. But I never felt unsafe and at the end, I made a lot of friends there.

I liked that in Granada have been a lot of other voluntaries from all over the world. We made friends and traveled and partied so often together.

All in all, I really can recommend this project, but you should go there at least 2 or 3 months to make a relation with the children.