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Not exactly what I expected, but a great experience !

I signed up for an agriculture project thinking it was going to be more along the lines of a small farming project , but to my surprise this was a completely different project with a wider reach. The project I worked was an experimental farm where we had small farmers come in about once or twice a week for training. The training’s main goal was to get better results with limited resources .We would train farmers how to manage greenhouses, responsible pesticide control, fertilizer use,local market trends and available educational resources. When I was not in the training sessions I would be helping in the greenhouses, monitoring certain crops or helping translate training documents to Spanish. This was not quite the project I signed up for, but at the end I ended up learning a lot and met some great people there including my host family which was great. My coordinator Alex was very attentive and was always checking up on me and the other volunteers.


Destination: Guatemala

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