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Day Care Center in Zaragoza, Guatemala – Beautiful place, children and staff

I had an awesome time in the day care center for children from 0 to 6 years in a community. On my first day everyone was welcoming me very warm hearted. Even though I was obviously nervous I felt very well right from the beginning. Everyone was interested in where I come from and why I want to spend 10 weeks here.

In the beginning, obviously it was a little bit difficult. Mainly because of the communication, because my Spanish still wasn’t as good and I wasn’t as confident to speak freely. Still, every single woman of the staff supported me a lot.

After about two weeks I really got into it and could finally start enjoying my time with the children. Of course, sometimes you also need to enforce consequences due to the children’s bad behaviour but all of that was kept within bounds.

What I really enjoyed was that I could also share the most traditional and very nutritious meals with the children and the staff. I also got to know how everything works, for example with the money for the food and so on.

The project helped me a lot to improve my Spanish skills and also my social skills. I have never had contact with that many children (30 in total) that young before. It helped me grow a lot and taught me to be a lot more patient.

Now that my time in the daycare center is over I am really sad. I will miss the children and the staff a lot. They had a great farewell party for me on my last day and really showed me how big the impact was that I had on the children and their lives.