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My Time in Guatemala with INLEXCA

I spent seven weeks in Guatemala with INLEXCA, an organization that provides volunteers with opportunities in Central America. The first two weeks were spent with Spanish lessons, as I wanted to practice and improve my Spanish a bit. Then I spent five weeks at an ecological park and Natural Reserve, where I helped with may different projects, from reforestation to nursery work to painting a store and café. I have no complaints as to how things went during my stay here in Guatemala. In both of the host families I was in, things seemed to go very well, and I was able to connect and get along with all members of the families. At the volunteer project site, the park workers welcomed us with open arms and helped us integrate with the park and find work to do. The program was run very well and smooth, as INLEXCA does a great job making sure volunteers are prepared and well-situated in their respective countries. The organization staff helped me when I had questions and made me feel more comfortable about the whole experience. They do a great job with the host family placement as well, as I had no problems with any of my host families, and even if I did I imagine that the organization staff would be accommodating. I would highly recommend Guatemala and INLEXCA to anyone looking for a good volunteer experience in Central America.