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Healthcare volunteer program

As a healthcare volunteer, you’ll have the chance to make a significant impact in Costa Rica. You’ll not only be working alongside experienced healthcare professionals but also learning from them firsthand.

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Every weekday, you will be doing challenging and rewarding work. You might be taking patient histories one day, prepping medical equipment the next, and assisting with chronic pain treatment after that. Your work will also extend beyond the clinics and hospitals. You could be helping out at assisted living homes for the elderly or participating in nutrition campaigns aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles. This is an opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute meaningfully to a community that truly appreciates your help. It’s about more than just volunteering; it’s about making a real difference in people’s lives. 

The healthcare volunteer program assigns participants in  any of these areas:

Work in nursing homes: The nature of work in nursing homes is primarily centered around providing support to the nurses and the rest of the medical staff at assisted living facilities. The tasks that are typically involved in this line of work include preparing medication for the residents, taking and recording their vital signs, assisting in physiotherapy sessions, administering injections as per the instructions of the medical staff, and attending to emergencies whenever they arise.

Work in small clinics: The work in small clinics involves assisting doctors and nurses who are practicing general medicine. These clinics cater to patients who come in for a variety of reasons, and as a volunteer, one can expect to be involved in a number of tasks. These tasks may include taking vital signs of the patients, preparing medical equipment for use by the doctors and nurses, and generally shadowing the staff to learn from their experience and expertise.

Pain management and physiotherapy clinics: Volunteers who are assigned to these types of clinics are expected to assist the staff with various types of therapies. These therapies are primarily aimed at rehabilitating patients who are recovering from injuries or suffering from chronic diseases, and controlling their pain to improve their quality of life.

Volunteers’ assignments are based on their profile and availability.

Work is usually Monday to Friday, 8 am -3pm.


Why volunteer as a pre-med student?

Volunteering in your pre-med years is an incredible way to gain practical experience, expand your knowledge, and contribute to the community. As a pre-med volunteer, you have an opportunity to dive into the medical field, understand its intricacies, and decide if it is truly the profession for you. Not only does it provide first-hand exposure, but it also demonstrates your commitment to the medical profession.

You’ll be exposed to a variety of medical situations, which can provide an exciting and realistic picture of what your future career might entail. This real-world experience can be invaluable in confirming your passion for medicine and your determination to pursue it as a career.

Secondly, healthcare volunteering helps to develop essential soft skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and empathy. These are qualities that medical schools look for in applicants and are critical for a successful career in medicine. Through volunteering, you will interact with patients from diverse backgrounds, assist medical professionals in their work, and learn to navigate complex situations. This will help you build the emotional intelligence necessary to thrive in the medical field.

Moreover, you are making a positive impact on your community. Whether it’s helping underserved populations or assisting in health campaigns, your contribution can make a significant difference. This sense of service and giving back is at the heart of the medical profession. It will not only enrich your personal growth but also resonate strongly with medical school admissions committees.

There are opportunities to connect with professionals who can provide valuable advice, mentorship, and guidance. Furthermore, these connections could lead to strong letters of recommendation when it comes time to apply for medical school.

Keys aspects

  • Availability: Year-long.
    Program Duration:4-24 weeks.
    Location: San Ramon de Alajuela.
    Schedule: Flexible schedule, around 4-7 hours of work per day Monday to Friday.
  • Requirements: Participants must have a background in healthcare.  Basic Spanish is needed, Spanish lessons are available prior to program.

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