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medical internships in peru

Medical internships in Peru

In the rural areas of Peru, there is a constant and pressing need for additional support to aid the doctors and nurses working tirelessly in the clinics. INLEX,has established partnerships with a multitude of clinics scattered throughout Cusco and its surrounding regions. The primary aim of these partnerships is to ensure the provision of adequate medical treatment to patients who come from low-income backgrounds.

Medical volunteer abroad

The medical program offered by INLEX is specifically designed for interns who are currently studying medicine, are already established professionals in the medical or health field, or possess a proven background related to these fields. These interns play a crucial role in assisting the doctors and nurses in these clinics. Their responsibilities include diagnosing and treating patients.

The scope of the medical program is extensive, providing interns with the opportunity to contribute in a variety of areas. These areas can range from lab work to gynecology, traumatology to pharmacy, preventive medicine to many more. Interns are strategically assigned to an area where their skills and qualifications can be best utilized. However, the program also offers the flexibility to rotate among various departments if desired.

These internships also have a strong emphasis on community involvement. Many programs involve outreach initiatives where interns visit rural communities around Cusco to provide basic healthcare services. This not only serves as a valuable learning experience but also enables interns to make a difference in the lives of the local population

It is important to note that interns participating in the medical program are required to bring their own scrubs. Additionally, depending on the specific clinic, there may be a nominal weekly donation of $25 to the clinic. This donation is intended to help offset the cost of supplies used by the volunteer during their service.

Possible tasks:

-Shadowing doctors in the treatment of patients;

-Helping sort medical supplies;

-Preparing medical equipment.

-Helping in emergencies and field visits;

-Helping in health awareness workshops.

-Observing and assisting in minor surgeries.

Keys aspects

  • Program Duration:4-24 weeks
  • Location: Cusco,Pisac and neighboring towns.
  • Schedule: 8am -1pm or 2pm-6pm Monday to Friday.
  • Requirements: Participants must have medical training. Basic Spanish is needed, and Spanish lessons are available prior to the program.
medical internships

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