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Volunteer in Special needs education

The special needs program  in Costa Rica functions to provide a welcoming and safe place for people with mental disabilities.

The program works in two projects that tend to children or teenagers and adults.

special needs volunteer

Volunteering in special needs education is a truly rewarding experience that offers a multitude of benefits, not only for the students you serve but also for yourself as a volunteer. It’s an opportunity to make a significant and positive impact, contributing towards the growth and development of individuals with special needs.

Students with special needs may require unique teaching methods or additional assistance in order to reach their full potential. As a volunteer, you can provide that additional support, helping these children thrive in an educational setting.

Volunteering in this field goes beyond just academic assistance. It’s about fostering emotional growth and social skills, too. Many children with special needs may struggle with social interactions or emotional regulation. A volunteer can provide a safe space for these children to express their feelings, practice social skills, and develop a sense of self-worth.

Moreover, it allows you to develop a range of practical skills that can be highly beneficial in your personal and professional life. You’ll learn effective communication techniques, problem-solving strategies, and how to adapt to different situations – skills that are highly valued in any job sector.

The special needs program is designed to make the most out of education that is tailored to individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

Volunteers working here must be resourceful, patient, and have a positive personality. Students in this project suffer from conditions like Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Klinefelter syndrome, neurofibromatosis, Williams syndrome, and other conditions. The age range of the students varies from children to teenagers to adults depending on where the volunteer is assigned.

Possible tasks:

-Teaching various classes such as handicrafts, painting, and reading.

-Helping feed students.

-Assisting students and staff.

-Helping to create educational material.

-Helping to plan classes.

Keys aspects

  • Availability: Year-long.
  • Program Duration:2-24 weeks
  • Location: San Ramon de Alajuela.
  • Schedule: 8 am-1 pm.Monday to Friday.
special needs

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