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volunteer in childcare in cusco peru

Childcare in Peru

Volunteer in childcare Peru with children in Cusco. You can work in a daycare where you will be assisting local staff with cooking, elaborating educational material, playing games, teaching basic colors, and letters and creating a safe environment for children from low-income communities.

childcare cusco

Volunteer in childcare in Peru and shape the future of our world by spending time with kids who will benefit from your care and teachings. INLEX works in low-income neighborhoods where resources are very limited. These projects benefit from the work of volunteers, as most of the time, they are understaffed and underfunded. The childcare program is perfect for volunteers who are energetic, full of initiative, and creative; and the work is rewarding fun, and a great experience. If you have previous experience with children or education you can help implement new strategies to keep the kids learning throughout the whole day.

Depending on the destination you choose you can choose to work in daycare centers, orphanages, or after-school programs.By volunteering here you can join a dedicated team of workingn Cusco supporting children with care and early childhood development through educational games that involve colors, basic math, music, and basic concepts.

Most children in the community center come from low-income rural families who cannot afford to leave their children anywhere else during the day. These children come from single-parent homes or where parents work too many hours to make ends meet.

In this project, you can also help with administrative tasks like fundraising, education campaigns for the parents, nutrition campaigns, and more.

Why volunteer in a child care program?

As a volunteer, you will be helping single parents or low-income families take care of their children while they are at work. Also, projects revolve around providing a nurturing environment with education, balanced meals, games, and strong values.

Possible tasks:

-Basic education for the children; teaching colors, basic math,songs, etc.

-Helping to clean up after the children.

-Playing educational games with the children.

-Helping teachers and tutors create lesson plans.

-Helping cook for the children.

-Organizing donations.

-Small renovation tasks like plumbing, painting ,and general maintenance.

-Fundraising and technology support (web page maintenance, budgeting, etc. )

Keys aspects

  • Availability: Year-long
  • Program Duration:2 weeks minimum in day cares and 4 weeks minimum in orphanages
  • Location: Cusco and neighboring towns.
  • Schedule:7 am -1pm or 1pm-5pm Monday to Friday. In Day care. Orphanage work is full time 8am-5pm. Volunteers working in the orphanage might be required to stay in the facility during weekdays.
childcare in cusco peru

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